Primary Roof Supporting Systems

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Mine Mesh

Mine mesh is a grid placed on the surface of the mine’s walls. This mesh ensures the safety of the miners during drilling and it retains the walls against falling rocks.

Flush-cut edges improve handling, installation, and maintenance of safety standards.

Welded Mesh can be manufactured to suit specific mining requirements and is available in a variety of sheet sizes, apertures and wire diameters.  It can be supplied black uncoated or galvanized.

Sheet Width Sheet Length Wire Diameter Aperture
1.4m 2.4m 4.0mm 100mm x 100mm
1.5m 2.4m 4.0mm 100mm x 100mm
1.5m 3.0m 5.6mm 100mm x 100mm
1.5m 3.4m 5.6mm 100mm x 100mm
1.8m 3.4m 5.6mm 100mm x 100mm
3.0m 2.4m 5.6mm 100mm x 100mm
3.5m 2.4m 4.0mm 100mm x 100mm

Offered as Gusset Weld, Flush cut for extra strength but overhang is also available.

Diamond Mesh

Diamond Mesh is an economical effective solution for most applications ranging from roof support, sidewall support to general fencing. Chain Link Fencing manufactured to SANS 935 and 675.

Advantages of the product:

  • Supplied in rolls, which facilitates easier handling.
  • More flexible – conforms easily to undulating surfaces.
  • The rolls allow for the seamless joining of multiple rolls to achieve a desired length or width.
  • No premature weld failures.

Split Sets – Friction Rock Stabilizers

Split sets are roll formed from high-strength steel bands with one end tapered for easy insertion and the other end with a welded ring to hold the washer plate. Split sets can be load tested by fitting a unique ring prior to installation. Pull tests can be conducted with a hollow ram hydraulic jack.

Advantages of the product:

  • Fast and easy installations with hand-held or mechanised bolting equipment
  • No cement grouting or resin cartridges needed.
  • Further corrosion protection can be provided by hot dip galvanising.
  • Cost effective immediate support.

May be used in conjunction with washers:

  • Combi Washer
  • W – Washer
  • Dome Dog Ear Washer
Bolt Diameter, mm 33 39 46
Min Yield Strength, MPa 420 420 420
Min Ult Tensile Strength, MPA 8 10 15
Min Ult Tensile Load, Tons 56 70 105
Shear Strength, KN 29-32 35-38 42-45
Wall Thickness, mm 2.3 2.3 3.2

Osro Straps

Osro Straps are manufactured from steel rods to form strips of aerial support between roof bolts or other support systems. Osro Straps can be bolted to the rock by two or more rock anchors and can be bent to support the rock surface.


  • Uncoated Black
  • Red Oxide

Mechanical Properties:

  • Typical yield strength of wire: 400MPa
  • Typical ultimate strength of wire:  500-700MPa
  • Material Grade: Hard drawn, low carbon
Dimension Width    Length Rod Thickness            Cross Wire Diameter Ring Diameter           Configeration
250mm 1.0m – 6.0m 8mm 5.6mm 10mm 4 Rod
250mm 1.0m – 6.0m 10mm 5.6mm 12mm 4 Rod
300mm 1.0m – 6.0m 8mm 5.6mm 10mm 5 Rod
300mm 1.0m – 6.0m 10mm 5.6mm 12mm 5 Rod

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